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15 March 2014
Real Estate Creates Wealth!
According to Forbes, property values are rising around the world. The rising real estate values are creating wealth–and new billionaires–across the planet. Driven by their real estate holdings, fifteen people have been added to FORBES ranking Read More...
12 May 2013
Summer 2013 is Coming and GA / FL Real Estate is Heating Up!
Georgia and Florida real estate markets were hit hard in the down turn that began in 2008. In the years since the real estate down turn markets across the country have recovered at varying rates and Georgia / Florida are among the many markets that are Read More...
29 October 2012
...And We're Back!!
Our 'back in the real estate scene' services consist of a broad range of real estate related activities. The services fall into one of two categories of service: Coastal Georgia/Florida Real Estate Activity and Nation-wide Real Estate Coaching. Read More...