15 March 2014

Real Estate Creates Wealth!

According to Forbes, property values are rising around the world. The rising real estate values are creating wealth–and new billionaires–across the planet. Driven by their real estate holdings, fifteen people have been added to FORBES ranking of wealthy people, bringing the total number of property tycoons on the FORBES Billionaires List to 135.

The 20 wealthiest of the real estate moguls–include 14 people who hail from Asian-Pacific nations. Seven are from Hong Kong, four from China, two from Singapore, and one from Australia. Merely six of the richest real estate 20 are Westerners:  three from the U.S. and three from the U.K.

Personally, I am very happy to hear that real estate values are beginning to rebound after the 2008 real estate crash. This will surely help our economy recover as people feel more confident about their personal financial position. In turn, that confidence will likely encourage individuals and families to spend more of their money (hopefully in a responsible manner) and businesses will begin to need more employees to keep up with the demand for services and products.

Seeing a constructive, upward spiral of spending, business growth, hiring, strong economy, is a very welcome possibility. However, at Royal-Skies, Inc. we look to buy homes in nearly any market conditions. Some people get transferred, lose their job, get divorced, or simply want to move up/down in home size. We create win-win home sale transactions for the seller and our company in all real estate markets and we will continue to invest in home buying for the foreseeable future.

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