29 October 2012

...And We're Back!!

Our 'back in the real estate scene' services consist of a broad range of real estate related activities. The services fall into one of two categories of service: Coastal Georgia/Florida Real Estate Activity and Nation-wide Real Estate Coaching.

Coastal Georgia/Florida Real Estate Activity:

We are still in the tangible real estate business and we are still looking to buy houses. If you need to sell your home fast we will provide you an avenue to sell your home and move on to your next location where you have or can find a better job, get a fresh start, or simply get the burden of your current home off your back. We work very well with real estate agents who have aggressive marketing strategies to get your home sold. All real estate agents are not created equal so we are always on the lookout for agents that have a marketing plan that they implement consistently with each home they list for sale in Georgia or Florida real estate markets. We do not make money when we point you to an agent who specializes in the area where you have a home to sell (or buy for that matter). We simply network with agents to help them where we can, help home sellers (and buyers) where we can, and ask that agents help us when and where they can. The real estate market has had its challenges over the past four years and is showing signs of recovery so we need to work with one another to help spur-on the recovery and help sellers and buyers do what is best in the current climate.

For home sellers who simply do not want to pay the real estate commissions to sell their home we offer a flat fee service to put your home on our website, complete with virtual tours, detailed description, and your personal contact information so that your prospective buyers contact you directly. This service saves a home seller approximately $12,000 in commissions when selling a $200,000 home. We offer two types of services for home sellers: Choose Marketing Only to simply market your home on our website or Choose Home Seller Coaching to market your home on the website and receive professional coaching to implement a home selling strategy (more on Real Estate Coaching in our next section).

For home buyers who are looking for a great 'rent to own' opportunity we offer a couple avenues. Our first avenue is home buyers can choose a home from our inventory of homes to rent to own and deal directly with Royal-Skies, Inc. as the seller and financer of the home purchase. The second option is that home buyers can tell us what type or style of home they are looking for and we will pursue a home that closely matches your goals, purchasing the home so we can sell it to you as a rent to own.

Nation-wide Real Estate Coaching:

Because this service is not restricted to our local market, this service is not limited to people in the Coastal Georgia area. We provide real estate coaching services to businesses, brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, and investors located anywhere in the United States (potentially international on a case-by-case basis). So what does this mean for you?

We provide Executive Coaching expertise for the real estate industry. Real estate brokers can use our services to expand their expertise, recreate their brand, challenge themselve and their agents to better sales performance, and so much more. Similarly, buyers, sellers, and investors can use our skills to learn how to find the best real estate agent available in your area or to buy and sell real estate without the help of a real estate agent. Let's face it, there are some great real estate agents in every area and a home buyer or seller is truly blessed when they discover and use those agents. On the other hand, 80% or more of the agents are not "the great ones" and real estate buyers and sellers are almost better without those agents services. Our real estate coaching services will help buyers, sellers and investors learn how to increase their chances of finding the best agent to work with, or they can learn how to do it without an agent altogether. Either way, we are here to serve, not to judge!

So after an extended absence from the real estate scene I am back and ready to help people buy, sell, or invest in real estate in Coastal Georgia. In 2009 I was mobilized to active duty Navy for a one year tour in Afghanistan. I can honestly say that I am proud to have served and found my time in Afghanistan was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. After a year at the Pentagon followed by a second tour in Afghanistan, I have made my way back to the southeast. It is amazing to be back with my family and back where I can bask in the warm sun of southeast Georgia and northern Florida.

It is also nice to be back in the real estate business. I have missed the challenges and successes that I long experienced in real estate and I have missed helping people accomplish their real estate related goals. Now that I am back in the area I thought I should define the areas that I am willing to work related to tangible real estate sales. The areas that I am working in are those Georgia and Florida areas that I can reach in a relatively short drive, primarily the Coastal Georgia Counties, and Northeast Coastal Florida Counties, dealing with homes in both the inland areas of the counties and with the coastal homes of these counties:

Chatham County Georgia Real Estate
Bryan County Georgia Real Estate
Liberty County Georgia Real Estate
McIntosh County Georgia Real Estate
Glynn County Georgia Real Estate
Camden County Georgia Real Estate
Nassau County Florida Real Estate
Duval County Florida Real Estate
St. Johns County Florida Real Estate

Again, I am excited to be back in the southeast and looking forward to helping people handle their real estate goals. Yes, the real estate market is still a tough market and we plan on being around long after memories of the real estate crash have faded.


Paul Carlson
President, Royal-Skies, Inc.

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