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Georgia and Florida Real Estate Agent Program

About the Georgia and Florida Real Estate Agent Co-operative Program


Can you claim this: “Your Home Sold in 99 Days or We’ll Buy It!”

     Would you like to be one of the agents or brokerages that can offer this bold guarantee program to your potential clients? You can offer this bold guarantee, capture more listings, make more money – and just as importantly – you can serve the home sellers in your community in buyer’s markets, seller’s markets and balanced markets.

     As tough and competitive as the real estate market is today I am confident that you got into the real estate business because you want to earn a living doing something you love while helping people in your community reach their home buying or home selling goals. So how can you capture more listings in your Georgia or Florida real estate market, reach your financial goals, and provide your community with a needed real estate service…and do you really want more real estate listings in this market?

Let me answer that final question first. Do you really want more real estate listings in this market?

     The idea that the listing real estate agent rules the real estate market has been and still is a common belief. This is true in both Florida and Georgia, and likely every state. Each of the varying real estate climates offers agents different challenges that must be overcome in order to be a great listing agent, but learning those skills and capturing numerous listings remains key to having a successful real estate career and meeting your personal financial goals in real estate.

     While seller’s markets may ensure your listings sell quickly and for top dollar, the challenge becomes capturing the seller’s business in a real estate market where everyone in town is jumping into real estate to make the “easy money”. Granted your listings sell quickly, but the competition to capture those listings can be aggressive, even cut-throat.

     A buyer’s market, balanced market, or slow real estate market may find less competition as real estate agents get out of the industry to find more stable income elsewhere. However, the real estate agents that stay in the business continue to compete for the listings in order to capture the buyers who call on the home for sale sign. As a result, even in a buyer’s market the listing agent tends to rule the real estate market and experience the most financial success.

     To answer the question…Yes! I believe that having more listings – even in the current real estate climate – is to your advantage.

So how do you offer home sellers a credible, desirable service in your real estate market that will capture the business of home sellers while providing you an honest opportunity to make money doing what you love?

Give home sellers a Guarantee!

When home sellers are looking for a real estate agent to list their home for sale, they are looking for someone who sets themselves apart from the competition. ANYONE can put a “for sale” sign in the yard and put the listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The for sale sign and MLS listing are common-place and a listing agent must offer more – so make home sellers a guarantee and set yourself apart!

Royal-Skies, Inc. offers a program to Florida and Georgia real estate agents and real estate brokerages so they can say:

“Your Home Sold in 99 Days or We’ll Buy It!”

     Through the Royal-Skies Florida Real Estate Agent or Georgia Real Estate Agent program you can make this guarantee and back-it-up! As a real estate investment firm we are looking to buy homes in Georgia and Florida and you likely are looking to sell homes in Georgia or Florida. Let’s work together. We can help you capture more listings, meet your financial goals, serve your community and thrive in your real estate career and you can help us buy houses! Talk about a win-win situation.

     Now you may be wondering...

What does this program cost?

     Becoming a real estate program member costs - Nothing! There is no reason for us to charge real estate agents to be in our program. The program is beyond win-win…it is a win-win-win situation. The home sellers win by getting an effective strategy to sell their home…we win by buying select homes…and you (the real estate agent) win by setting yourself apart as your real estate market’s bold, confident, successful real estate agent who captures seller’s business.

Does the Home Sold Guarantee Work?

     The short answer…Yes!

     The long answer: I found great success in the program when I was a practicing real estate agent. I was capturing listings, getting the attention of the local community – both the home sellers and the competition – and buying select houses that fit my real estate goals as an investor. Then, in 2009 I was recalled to active duty for more than a year and sent to Afghanistan. In the years since then I have done multiple tours in Afghanistan, in and out of uniform, and have continued to support the effort through contract analytical work while stateside. As a result of this critical work I have opted to not go back into licensed real estate work. I have opted instead to establish this Real Estate Agent Cooperative Program to help real estate agents in Florida and Georgia meet their financial goals, meet my real estate goals along with those agents, share my real estate experience with agents nationally through real estate coaching services, and continue to serve the greater cause of defending our country.

     Call me to learn more, or simply request the basic information package below. The information package will explain various program details which I trust will answer most of your questions.

Georgia and Florida Real Estate Program Information

Your no obligation real estate agent program information is at your finger tips. We have been in the real estate industry as investors or real estate agents since 1993 and have a successful sales and investment track record. We look forward to working with credible, hard-working, honest real estate agents in Florida and Georgia. We ask that you submit your information in the same honest, forth-right manner that you would ask of your potential buyers and sellers when they visit your website. We look forward to answering any questions you may have that are not already answered in the report.


Real Estate Cooperative Program
This report contains information on the "Your Home Sold" guarantee program offered by Royal-Skies, Inc. This report is for real estate agents who desire to make a bold statement about their ability to sell real estate in their market and then back-it-up with quality marketing and cooperative actions.
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