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     Royal-Skies, Inc. is excited about the Georgia real estate market and the Florida real estate market. As a result, we are interested in buying homes in Georgia and Florida. We are prepared to review available opportunities and are pursuing homes that meet our real estate investment goals while also meeting the home owner’s goals.

     We approach each home on a case-by-case basis. We find the best investments are those purchases that are Win-Win transactions. We look to help sellers who are transferring, moving, lost a job, going through a divorce, need to move up or down a home size, or experiencing another critical situation. These transactions allow us to help the seller while we meet our investment goals. That is a genuine Win-Win!! We will not conduct a transaction that creates a Win-Lose transaction.

     The real estate collapse that started around 2007 hit the United States hard and has taken years to recover. There are areas of the country that experienced spotted recovery earlier than others, and even once full recovery is experienced across the country we can expect selling a home to be very competitive for home owners. Paul Carlson has been investing in real estate since 1993 and founded Royal-Skies, Inc. in 2002 to help home owners sell their homes, specializing in helping home owners sell during stressful real estate markets or stressful personal circumstances. Paul has had great success in real estate, helped countless people buy and sell homes worth tens of millions of dollars, and continues to invest in Georgia homes and Florida homes.

     If you are looking to sell your Florida home or your Georgia home and you want to sell your home fast, consider contacting Royal-Skies, Inc. We buy houses in many Florida and Georgia real estate markets including:


Richmond Hill




St. Simons Island


St. Marys

Fernandina Beach



St. Augustine

     If you live in or near one of these cities, the chances are very good that we are working in your real estate market and will be interested in speaking with you about your home. Download the Home Screening Package or simply contact us directly. We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your real estate goals.


Georgia and Florida Home Screening Package
Act now! This simple Georgia / Florida Home Screening Package is a series of questions on your home, including features, location, etc. You will probably know most of the information off the top of your head. Simply download the form, complete it to the best of your ability, and submit the form to us. We will take care of the rest. Royal-Skies, Inc. is currently screening homes to purchase Georgia and Florida homes that meet our investment goals. This is a No obligation screening - Act Now to get your home reviewed!
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