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Maximize Profit When Selling Your Georgia or Florida Home

     When it’s time to sell, you must be confident that every element of negotiating the best terms and the highest price has been set before your home is even listed.

     Start with the resources I have provided below and elsewhere on the Royal-Skies website. There is no charge for this information as we strive to inform both home buyers and home sellers throughout Georgia and Florida. The information should help get you started in terms of assessing your real estate situation and planning for a stress-free and successful sale.

     The real estate market can be volatile in Florida and Georgia. The two states offer fantastic, desirable coastal living mixed with rivers and waterways inland. Yet, because Florida and Georgia are desirable they can become very hot markets. Unfortunately, some of the hottest real estate markets also become some of the toughest markets when they experience market corrections. The best way to experience a profitable and successful home sale in Georgia or Florida (and anywhere else for that matter) is to make sure you have done your research, determined how your local real estate market is performing, and build a home selling strategy that matches reality. A couple items that should be included in everyone's home selling strategy is price and exposure.

Pricing Your Georgia or Florida Home

     To put it simply, price your home to low and you lose potential profit. Of course that is stating the obvious. But, did you know that overpricing your home can also cause you to get less money? When home sellers price their home too high they do not get offers. Contrary to popular belief, home buyers do not find overpriced homes and then make lower offers. In my years of real estate experience I have discovered that when home buyers view an overpriced home they look, interact politely, and simply move on to the next home. After the home has sat on the market for months (or years), the seller lowers the price, lowers the price, lowers the price...until they finally get an offer. Because the price is now in the right range a buyer is willing to make an offer BUT because the home has been on the market so long, the buyer makes a low offer. The exhausted, frustrated seller takes (or negotiates) and ultimately gets less money than they should for their home.

     A well-priced Georgia or Florida home will bring offers sooner and result in higher profit! You, as the home owner and the person in control of your home price, should find out what the homes are selling for in your local real estate market and then price your home accordingly. Price it right and you will find it sells quicker and you will negotiate from a position of strength and confidence rather than frustration. As a result, you are likely to not lower your price much, instead getting at or near your original list price. That my friend is how you maximize profit!

Exposure For Your Georgia or Florida Home

     The second most important task you must tackle as a home seller is getting your home the exposure it needs to be sold. Statistically you probably have a very small chance that the perfect -financially qualified- buyer will happen to drive down your street and see your For Sale sign in the front yard. Many people intentionally buy a home on a quiet cul-de-sac so they won't have traffic driving past the home all the time, but that same benefit is also why people won't see your for sale sign. Even if you live on a typical street that has some traffic you cannot expect that the perfect buyer will happen to drive down your street. The for sale sign is only one piece of your strategy!

     So how do you get exposure for your Georgia or Florida home? One of the most inexpensive and broadest marketing solutions is the Internet. I am sure that is not a surprise to you as you find yourself doing your own real estate research on the Internet at this very moment. Buyers, like you, will spend a lot of time looking online for a Georgia or Florida home before they get out and drive neighborhoods. Often they will find homes online and then drive by them to see what they look like. So with that in mind, you should make sure you have a quality, photo-packed listing of your home for sale online. We offer that service on our page so feel free to review the information for Georgia For Sale By Owner on our Georgia page and Florida For Sale By Owner on our Florida page. Ultimately, our online marketing solutions are affordable starting at just $99 for a full year of online exposure.

     If you find the idea of developing or paying for marketing upfront is stressing, then you can always hire a licensed Georgia or Florida real estate agent. Real estate agents typically do all the marketing for you, put your home online, put a for sale sign in the yard, and put your home on the local real estate market's Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for a fee. That fee is often 5-7% of the homes sales price. If you want someone else to deal with the headaches you may find a real estate agent is worth the money. However, if you want to limit your marketing cost to a few hundred dollars then you may opt to skip the real estate agent and market your home for sale by owner. 

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